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Age : 48
Location : Nz Ford Forum SITE OWNER

Post No 1 FORUM RULES: on Fri 22 May - 20:18

1. Posts with abusive, threatening, or obscene content will be deleted without warning. The ADMINISTRATOR reserves the right to warn or ban for a set time any registered member from the Forum.

2. The team of the board (moderators)has the right in each case to edit or even delete a contribution of any user, if it feels that the content of the message are not appropriate. What is "appropriate" or not is at the discretion of the administrator moderators.

3. Each registered member of the Forums commits himself/herself on registration, to deal with the other users of the Forums appropriately and in a friendly manner. Neglect of these basic rules can lead to the immediate exclusion from the board.

4. Flaming will not be tolerated. Members agree to use the Forums in an appropriate and friendly manner, even if provoked In such case of an offended user can email ADMIN with the inappropriate post in order to remedy the situation.

5. If a controversy (contrary to a normal discussion) between two or several users should occur, then this is to be dealt with in PRIVATE It is at the discretion of the administrators of this Forum to decide the outcome and the decision will beFINAL. In addition the parties are to avail themselves of communication means other than these Forum to continue discussing the issue If you continue to display any such controversy on This Forum you will be Removed.

6. Disrespecting any Car club or Business will not be tolerated. Any member not respecting this rule will get an instant warning

7.Members are not to have mutiple user names on the forum.If it is lead to beleave that a user is under more than one sign on they will receivce a PM as a warning and 1 or more user names will be deleted.

8. Advertisements, of whatever kind, are not allowed on this Forum unless authorized thruough Admin.

9.Any club. wanting to use our forum for advertising may do so at the owners discretion. Please Pm admin to discuss this so an area can be set up for your club. .NO club is to advertise there events or club another section of the forum unless otherwise discussed .. a donation would be appreciated

10. Each user of this Forum recognizes all regulations specified here without reservation on entering these Forums.

11.Failure to comply with these rules will not be tolerated on this forum. We all have our opinions which will differ from the next persons opinion please respect the rights of every one on this forum.

12. The possibility of repeating topics should be avoided. The search function should be used in order to check if a topic has already been discussed.

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